"Simply put, I could not do what I do as well as I do it without Heather. I have worked with Heather for over three years and in that time, I have come to: trust her to represent me; rely on her in times of significant duress and cherish her for the breadth of knowledge and high caliber professionalism that seems to come naturally and effortlessly to her. Your project and team will shine with Heather running the show ." Dyana Valentine — Speaker & Group Catalyst

"What does it take to manage, coordinate, appease, provide, strategize and logistically produce an effective, creative and compelling conference each year for 3,000+ professional designers? Two words: Heather Griffin. The task of arranging 60+ diverse speakers (each with their own set of needs and expectations) over the course of a five day event is on par with herding cats. But Heather does a masterful job of leading a well-oiled team that orchestrates this seemingly overwhelming task with acute efficiency."
Von Glitschka, Illustrative Designer at Glitschka Studios